Because Your DNA Is Unick,
So Should Be Your Diet.


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We all have a natural heritage: Our DNA. However, our diet, our lifestyle and our environment could have disastrous influences on our health. So it is time for us to take charge and act in prevention.

Be-Unick is a group of Canadian and African health professionals who work to see everyone live happily and age healthy. We are here to support you and empower you with the best tools and a lifetime blueprint. Backed by cutting edge technology, our team brings you personalised recommendations based on what is Unick to you : your genetic material.



My Nutri-DNA

Why are some diets so successful with some people and not you? Why ... Why ... Why ...?

"Food for one person may be bitter poison for others" (Lucretius)


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[1] Adaptation of the evaluation questionnaire of your organic weaknesses to be dealt with first, before any approach to a personal profile. Translated from the page This questionnaire is part of Julia Ross's book: The Diet Cure, now translated into French under the title “Free yourself from cravings”.

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" We must renew the concepts of this medicine, and move, I believe, to a preventive medicine. This prevention is done by predictions, where it is a question of determining risk factors, of becoming aware of these factors and of reduce them. It comes with the personalization and participation of the '' potential patient. '' What I call 4P medicine: preventive, predictive, personalized, and participatory . ''
Professor Luc Montagnier. Co-Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2008,

Be-Unick is fully aligned with " 4P Medicine ".
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